Art Dump #50

Welcome back to our weekly art dump. This week I haven’t managed to find any interesting renders of our sculpts we’ve been working on. So to make up for that I’ve gone searching through our vast library of random sketches and concepts to show you some pics of things that may eventually become miniatures one day (maybe ;p)

First up is a concept of some that are definitely becoming minis, the Rhorlan Two Horn and One Horn. As you can see the Two Horn is considerably bigger than the male One Horn. Can’t wait to see her sculpted.

Two Horn Concept 41

Up next are two random concept sketches that are cool but haven’t yet seen any development. Though I have to say when we get around to expanding our range of miniatures I’ll definitely be looking at something similar to the 2nd sketch or at least a multi-legged creature.IMG_20160413_123905IMG_20160626_124638

Hopefully next week we’ll have something a little more on point. But I hope you enjoyed some of our random sketches none the less. And if you think one of them deserves future development let us know 😀

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