Weekly Update #80

Hello one and all and welcome back to another weekly update blog. This week we’ve been diving into the exciting world of project management and folder structures! Not the most glamorous  parts of a project but one that is starting to become a pain for us (our files and folders have just kind of grown and expanded organically, and now we have tons of junk data and buried files)

So what exactly have we done for the last week you ask?

  • I have started messing around with the most recent Two Horn sculpt and I have to say that it needs a lot of work (check out the image below for a comparison between the old sculpt and the character art). But I suppose we have to start somewhere don’t we.
  • Simon has done some work on the Moschops (in between marking) and he now has the correct number of fingers (though not all attached).
  • As you will have seen from the last Art Dump Simon has put together some sweet looking renders of the One Horn.
  • And as noted at the start of the blog we’ve been looking into folders, structure and streamlining our project management. We’re going to be doing a back shortly and then we’ll be moving and purging the files 😀

Not a super week for model and game development but some development is better than none. This coming week though I plan to knuckle down and get some real traction on the Two Horn.

Two Horn Concept 42.jpg
Ugh! what was I thinking with that sculpt! lol.

So as you can see above the Two Horn needs some work. The character art is looking awesome but the sculpt…not so much (well at least to me). At some stage I’ll also need to bring the One Horn in to the scene to compare and to use as reference for style and size.

In other news though the One Horn sculpt on Sketchfab is doing really well as are the other places we’ve posted some of the One Horn renders. It’s awesome to see people digging the model getting interested in what we’re doing.

But enough of that, what is our plan for the coming week?

  • We are planning to do a back up of our current working folders in preparation for a big move and purge.
  • Potentially if the back up goes well we can move on to re-jigging the structure this week.
  • I will be working hard on the Two Horn. Planning to have a rough version of her in a T-pose with most of the symmetrical detail roughed out.
  • Simon will continue to work on the Moschops, hopefully the hands and fingers will be re-attached this week ;p

Another busy week ahead for us it looks like. Ah well who needs free time right ;p

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