Weekly Update #264

Well hello there Internets. Our weekly development update comes to you from ME! Simon, The hider in the shadows. Mark is snowed under with real-world work load this week, So I have control! of the blog at least. In this week’s update – most of what we’ve completed is behind the scenes. I’ve been struggling … More Weekly Update #264

Weekly Update #263

Ahoy there dear readers and welcome back to another of our weekly dev posts! So it wasn’t quite the week I was hoping for. But that’s ok, we can’t be winning every week ;p Instead lets turn our attention to what we did actually manage. For me that was further work on the Vvou. So … More Weekly Update #263

Weekly Update #89

It’s Thursday and that means an update blog. Welcome to any of the new followers who have liked us recently, always a pleasure to have more people interested in our game and world 🙂 So how have we tracked over the recent week that was? We managed to: Block in the remaining details for the … More Weekly Update #89

Weekly Update #87

What it’s Thursday already? I could have sworn I had a few more days left in the week. Well it might be a bit of a light read on today’s Weekly Update as I have had numerous work distractions this week and poor old Simon’s had a sick family to take care of. But have … More Weekly Update #87

Weekly Update #80

Hello one and all and welcome back to another weekly update blog. This week we’ve been diving into the exciting world of project management and folder structures! Not the most glamorous  parts of a project but one that is starting to become a pain for us (our files and folders have just kind of grown … More Weekly Update #80

Weekly Update #79

And just like that another week flies by and we’re back with our regular Thursday weekly update. This week has been rather productive and I’m chuffed with all our progress 😀 We managed to: Go through how many hours it took to do the One Horn sculpt and then using that as a baseline put … More Weekly Update #79

Weekly Update #77

With another Thursday coming to a close it’s time for the weekly development blog. The past week has been pretty relaxed as far as work goes. Simon has spent some time (in between work and shifting furniture) doing card tweaks and I’ve been taking it slow since I’ve finished the One Horn sculpt and wanted … More Weekly Update #77

Art Dump #54

It’s the Sunday Art Dump on time and ready to go. This week we’ve got the final sculpt of the One Horn to show off. As promised I have finished the One Horn’s sculpt on the 21st (today). He isn’t decimated yet and nor is he combined into a single mesh but the actual details … More Art Dump #54

Weekly Update #76

Welcome back to our weekly update post where we give you the run down of the week that was for us. First up as per usual, what have we achieved this week? The One Horn has continued his development and is looking good for being complete by the 21st of August. His musket has started … More Weekly Update #76

Weekly Update #75

Wait, it’s already Thursday? And what a Thursday I’ve had…..12 hours at work, meetings, last minute requests and urgent deadlines. You know, the usual ;p But obviously you didn’t come here to hear me talk about my day job, so lets get down to business with what we’ve been up to for the last week: … More Weekly Update #75