Weekly Update #86

And we’re back once again with the Weekly Update to let you know how the development is going. This week was good but couldn’t compare with last weeks blistering pace. So what did we get done this week?

  • We found time for another play test. The now slightly balanced Isogorean tanks up against the over powered healing shenanigans of the Hantu. It was a fun game that helped us close a few more holes in the rulebook.
  • We noted down the changes and have started updating our wiki with the required changes.
  • The Two Horn has continued to be refined. Adding detail on the skirt and belt. At the moment we’re thinking the belt might be something more like a sporran on a kilt, but we shall see how that goes.
  • The Moschops has been pushed back to Zbrush for the detailing to start.
  • The website / blog has had a slight overhaul as we attempt to make it slightly easier to find interesting things. So you might notice a few changes here or there 🙂
  • Also we’ve heard from our friends at Zealot Miniatures that they will have some castings to show us shortly. Exciting!

As you can see it’s been a pretty good week for development, play testing and progress. Not sure when our next play test is but hopefully soon again. As we’ve got some good momentum going at the moment. Eventually we’re going to need to get other people to play test it again, which will be an interesting experiment.

Two Horn Concept 50.jpg
Little and Large ;p

But looking forward to the coming week our plans are to:

  • Put some more detail in to the Two Horn’s skirt, boots and shirt (and anything else I get to).
  • Add some more items to the Two Horn’s belt (some rope, random bags, junk to make it look busy).
  • Work in some more detail on the mighty Moschops
  • Finish updating the Wiki with any other changes we missed from the play test.
  • Finish the slap dash website we’re attempting by adding some game and faction details.

As you can see it’s not a blow your socks off sort of plan for the coming week but it’s things that need to be done. Hopefully everything falls into place for the Two Horn detailing and the whole process just speeds along….well a guy can dream can’t he 😀

Until next time 🙂

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