Art Dump #63

This week on the Art Dump we’re back with some more concepts and cool images. Not a massive blog like last time but we’ve got two interesting concept pieces for your pleasure.

First up is a concept picture of a Hantu gang could look like. I was thinking it could be cool to have an image for each faction to help sell the ideas behind them and their theme. So first up was Hantu with their undying mutants visual theme. I took the standard characters and added some Hantu theme to them and it came out pretty well I think. I always end up thinking of the Left for Dead zombies when I envisage some of the Hantu’s mutations.

Hantu Gang 01.jpg

Second and last for this week is the same sort of thing for the Isogoreans. We’ve got a Shelonian Elder and Pup defending a high ranking Two Horn child priest. I tried to incorporate a few elements of the faction in the background…however I wasn’t entirely sure what elements that would be so I came up with those bits and bobs to fill in the background.

Isogo Gang 01.jpg

So there you have the Art Dump for this week. Let us know what you think and if you’ve got any cool suggestions to help push these faction designs.


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