Weekly Update #87

What it’s Thursday already? I could have sworn I had a few more days left in the week. Well it might be a bit of a light read on today’s Weekly Update as I have had numerous work distractions this week and poor old Simon’s had a sick family to take care of.

But have we at least managed anything you ask? We have managed a few of the easier things:

  • The website has had another update, with the top menu now being reshaped into something more useful and the faction page being filled out. I was tempted to copy our existing world synopsis to the web but when I read it again it was so out of date it wasn’t funny 😦
  • The wiki has been updated with the last of the notes from the previous play test
  • Speaking of play tests, Simon and I are potentially looking at next Thursday for our next play test.
  • Simon has updated the current rule book to version 2.3, filling some more of the gaping holes that were still left in it.
  • The Two Horn has had a tiny touch of sculpting on the skirt but other than that not a lot of sculpting has been done.
  • Our character artist has been busy on the Ophidia and Dan the man has started on the next weapon model for the Wou.

Some work done but not the critical sculpts that I would have liked to progress. But beggars can’t be choosers, and check out the cool start to the Wou’s weapon from Dan:

Short and deadly!

With all that said and done I’m planning to make a concerted effort this coming week on the Two Horn’s sculpt. I feel she’s starting to slowly move towards getting done and I really want to make sure that happens sooner rather than later.

So our plans are:

  • Put some more detail in to the Two Horn’s sculpt
  • Work in some more detail on the mighty Moschops
  • Update the World synopsis in the wiki so that we can put that on the web for others to enjoy.

A fairly short list for the coming week, hopefully no more surprises sneak up on us over this coming week.

Until next week 🙂

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