Art Dump #69

Ahoy and we’re back with the weekly Art Dump, this week with more 3d pics!

This week I’ve been pushing hard to get the Two Horn done and through out the week I’ve been taking update snapshots to share my work in progress. So with out further ado lets dive into to this week’s art.

First up is the development of the Two Horn’s weapon, the Muskaxe.

This is not quite the starting base mesh we got from Dan the man but I forgot to take an earlier pic.
Next step and the blade is a bit better defined, the wooden stock has some details and the bolts tidied up. As a bonus I’ve got the One Horn’s musket next to it for a comparison.
Much the same as the above but it’s now almost there!
Here we are all but finished except the cloth wraps are still untidy and go under the metal brace instead of over. Whoops!

Up next are some updates from the Two Horn herself.

This is her with the new muskaxe, note I’ve actually tidied the cloth wraps on the gun by now and added some notches to them…but they still goes under the metal brace.
An updated skirt and I’ve now fixed the cloth wraps on the gun!
Final update for the week with a bit of a tidy up on the skirt and some new snazzy footwear. Went with a larger chunkier leather boot (was inspired by some cool miniatures I had in my collection).

And that brings us to the end of this week’s Art Dump. I hope you enjoyed seeing our progress on the Two Horn and I have to say she’s looking pretty good now. Still have to fix up some minor details on the skirt, boots and belt but then I can move on to her hair and head probably. Until next week folks 🙂

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