Weekly Update #93

It’s Thursday and time for our weekly dev blog. This week we’ve both been very busy pushing forward on several fronts and to top it all off we even managed a play test today!

So on our list of goals this week we:

  • The Two Horn’s development has been leaping forward with some fixes of the Muskaxe, her Skirt, reposing of the legs and completing of her boots. She is now looking really cool, but there are still a few minor things to tweak and the only real major thing left is her hair and facial details.
  • Simon has done a stellar job of reprinting the cards. We’ve now got large Hex shaped character cards, new poker size fate and fortune deck cards and a reprint of the test gang gear and starting weapons.
  • We were also able to have another play test, this time with someone brand new to the game, thanks again for helping us to test our game!!

The play testing went super well. We briefly had a small group going through the game with Simon explaining the ins and outs of our rules and a bit of the fluff and world. Though one of the stars of the play test was the models and especially the new One Horn who looks awesome on the table. After the playtesters had dispersed, we figured that since we were there and the table was already set up it would be a shame if Simon and I didn’t get a game. So we tried a 4v4 game with Simon picking a random crew with the Mime test gang gear while I tried out some tough as nails Isogoreans. It was a great game with the Mimes whizzing around the board and the Isogoreans taking a great deal of damage.


So while it make look like there aren’t any people in the above pictures, trust us there were actual people playing and having fun 😀 we’re just really bad at remembering to take pictures mid game.

But now on to our goals for the coming week:

  • I’m planning to finish detail sculpting the Two Horn by Christmas day (bold call there). Which means she will be basically there by next Thursday. Now she won’t be completely done as she will need some further tweaks for optimal printing and casting but she will be at a finished level of detailing.
  • We will upload our notes and write ups from the playtest on to our wiki so we can store that information.
  • Simon may get some time to work on the Moschops further.

So my plan to help push the Two Horn over the line is to make use of this coming Saturday to put in a lot of hours sculpting. I think the hardest thing will be the hair and making sure her pose is all aligned, but I think it’s all do able 🙂

Check us out next week when hopefully we have a basically finished Two Horn to show off 🙂

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