Weekly Update #92

We’re back and on time this week! All is right in the world once again 🙂

This week the unthinkable has happened, we’ve hit 100 followers across our different platforms (wordpress, facebook, twitter, emails)! It’s amazing and awesome and we’d like to thank you all for coming along on this journey with us so far. Now onwards and upwards with our progress for the last week:

  • I have been hard at work on the Two Horn and have basically finished her weapon, the mighty Muskaxe. The blade needs a tweak after a review and we’ve just noticed that the cloth wraps go under the metal brace which is odd. Also completed this week are the Two Horn’s forearm bangles, which will help to add some small detail to the model.
  • Simon has had a play with rendering the almost finished Two Horn weapon. It looks pretty cool as you’ll see further down the page.
  • We’ve hopefully lined up a test game for next week but we shall keep you posted on that.

Some good progress on the Two Horn this week though it still feels like I have a ton of things left to finish off on her, despite the fact she is looking almost done. I know I’ll have her done before Christmas, it’s just a matter of how soon I can finish her. Still, if her Muskaxe is anything to go by she’ll be looking pretty dang cool once she’s done.

Shoot ’em or slice ’em, the choice is yours

Which brings us back to our goals for the coming week…

  • This coming week I need to finish off any changes required to the Muskaxe. Finish her skirt. And make a start or if I’m going really well, finish her boots (which are currently a little shapeless and meh).
  • Simon will be making sure that any cards we were planning to have ready for the next playtest will be ready.
  • And aside from those two major focus points there are a dozen other smaller things that need our attention but we’ll probably not get the time for them this week 😦

And that concludes our blog for this week. This coming Sunday on our Art Dump I’ll have an updated render of the Two Horn along with some WIP shots of the Muskaxe so you can see how it developed. Until then, take it easy folks 😀

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