Weekly Update #100

Wow we’ve made it to 100 weekly updates! That is huge for us, it means we’ve been at this for at least 2 years now (as we’ve sometimes missed the weekly updates by mistake or we were on holiday). When we started, this project was just a random idea we were bandying about and now it’s grown into this massive world with weird and wonderful characters and a simple but fun rule set. And the plan is this year to reveal more of the game, the world and it’s rules. Hopefully we will manage to make it to kickstarter later this year, but we’ll wait and see about that.

First up our progress from last week:

  • The Two Horn’s equipment is completed. Done. Finito. And I can finally move on to finishing the rest of her.
  • We have put together an initial list of Vendettas. These Vendettas will be fluffy or thematic additions to the Fate deck. So when you take your last wound you draw from the deck and if you are unlucky then your character will be removed from play, but perhaps they’ll now go out with a bang ;P
    • Examples of vendettas:
    • Avenge meeee!!!!(working title)     Everyone in the gang gets an extra dice when attacking the model who made the kill for the rest of the game.
    • Go down swinging (working title)    Wounded character makes one final attack using a weapon of their choice.
  • I have a rough concept of the Exploration deck which is to be used during Expeditions…though I’m still on the fence as to whether it adds or detracts from the game. More testing and discussion needed!
  • Our designer friend has been working on a logo for the game (Faith & Flintlocks), and hot dang does it look good. Stay tuned for next week where we might be able to reveal it.
  • Simon has had some free time at work and has thrown together some awesome looking Drazz concepts.

We unfortunately didn’t manage to meet up for our forward planning meeting like we we had planned due to parenting duties, but hopefully we’ll get to that in the next week or two.

One of Simon’s Drazz concepts. Loving the cape!!!
Progress shot on the old girl’s equipment. It’s detailed up and slightly weathered.

Now for a small new section which I will be bringing to the blog each week (let me know if it’s of any interest to you or not), Interesting Miniature news from around the web.

For our first news from the web section, have you seen the awesome looking game GKR (Giant Killer Robots): Heavy Hitters? It’s made by Weta Workshop and it looks amazing. Giant robots fighting around a ruined city in the future, what’s not to like? Check it out: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/wetaworkshop/gkr-heavy-hitters

Lastly we’ll look at our goals for the coming week:

  • Finish the Two Horn’s head and if possibly her hands. If I can get both of those done, I believe the old girl is probably just about finished.
  • Review, rewrite and prototype our Vendettas.
  • Review the Exploration Deck
  • Potentially have a meeting with Simon and myself about our upcoming deadlines and what we need to focus on.

And that brings us to the end of another of our weekly developer updates, hope you enjoyed the read. Take it easy folks 🙂

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