Art Dump #84

This week on the Art Dump we’re still rocking sketches and doodles thanks to a lacklustre week and very little happening on the 3d front at the moment.

Our first doodle is a refinement of last week’s moukin character concept. I managed to further push the sea captain and seagull feel for the character (amazing what looking at actual reference will do!).


Following up from the Moukin character concept are some more concepts for the Wou. I was looking to push her ‘human but not’ vibe by sharpening her shoulders, hips and other locations. I was hoping this would leave her still feeling elongated, elegant but still sharp and pointy (like her head). It kind of worked, what do you lot think?



And with that we once again come to the end of our weekly Art Dump, until next week folks 🙂

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