Weekly Update #106

Welcome back, this week we’ve been mostly busy with fluff, backstory and world building. And while that doesn’t leave a lot to show for our work it has been quite fun to get back into the story of our world and our characters. In terms of what we’ve actually achieved this week:

  • We have started to update the fluff / background for the Isogoreans. We’ve reworked their blurb as you will notice over on the Factions page to be more in line with the theme and feel of the rest of the factions and game.
  • Simon has done an awesome job at retweaking the world overview, it is brings it back in to line with all the rest of our fluff and themes. Minor tweaks may still be made but it’s almost ready to be put up on the web.
  • The Fate deck has been reprinted with our new Twists of Fate.
  • We have also been in touch with Zealot Miniatures and are starting to look at how to best split the Two Horn model for printing and casting.

Since the Two Horn is all detailed, splitting her up is really something that we should be thinking about…though to be fair its also something that we should be thinking about when we’re designing the model…yay for after thoughts!

One Horn Clean Up.jpg
Oh the joys of model cleaning

As you can see in the above picture I’ve been busy cleaning off some of our test prints so we can use them in playtests and promotions. Not flash work but rather relaxing…as long as you don’t have a deadline or other things to get on to.

But what about our usual new things from the web section? Don’t worry I’ve got you covered, as the cool looking ‘The Drowned Earth’ miniatures game is coming up on Kickstarter next week. Could certainly be worth checking out: http://www.thedrownedearth.com/

But back to our game and what we’ve got planned for the upcoming week:

  • We’re going to finish overhauling the background for the Isogoreans. It just requires picking through walls of text to ensure that it captures the latest fluff and decisions we’ve made.
  • Further progress the mighty moschops
  • Finalize a plan for the Two Horn print and cast
  • Start looking at the Ophidia as my next sculpt (basically re-familiarizing myself with the current sculpt, character art and coming up with plans for tackling it).
  • Look at planning our next play test.

Starting to getting back into the 3d sculpts…I have to admit I’m getting keen again to dive into another sculpt but I probably need to come up with a more refined working plan this time.

Until next week 🙂

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