Weekly Update #114

Welcome once again to our Weekly Update where we go over our progress for the week that was.

This week we’ve been busy with:

  • Rewriting rules for dynamic movement such as jump, climbing, etc and re-tweaking the odds and make up of the Fortune deck.
  • I’ve been rolling dice to see how the proposed tweaks to our bonus stats will work.
  • And the Ophidia has had some work fixing some anatomy and adding detail to his backpack.

So a reasonably solid week worth of work, ideally you always wish more could have been done but it’s still nice to be hitting targets and moving forwards.

Ophidia_Concepts_ 46
Snazzy new backpacks!

This week I’m going to drop the news from around the web section as we’re not really a news website and while its an interesting side section I feel it’s not really adding much, though do let me know if it was something you were enjoying. Instead I’m thinking that perhaps I can instead squeeze in some weekly fluff or world building into the post. Sound interesting?

Moving on from that we’ve got our goals for the coming week:

  • Simon is going to test the Two Horn separation work flow to see if it hold ups or explodes into tiny 3d pieces.
  • Add the buckles and clasps to all of the Ophidia’s belts and bags
  • Retopo the Ophidia’s main body
  • Mockup new Fortune cards with out new changes

And with that we come to the end of our weekly update post. Hope you’ve enjoyed catching up with our going ons and lets us know if there’s something specific you would like to see in our posts 😀

Until next week.

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