Weekly Update #119

Hello and welcome back again to our weekly update.

This week has been a blur for myself though Simon has managed to salvage the week producing some cool work.

What we accomplished this week:

  • The Ophidia has had some further work done on his head and muscles though neither is complete.
  • The Fortune cards have been updated with 5 new unique minor relic finds. We’re now just waiting on Simon to add a value field to the cards but they are otherwise done.
  • The Tyton has had some more awesome detail added and is basically ready for posing and a final detail pass.
  • Simon has done some sweet new renders of our current models which we will probably throw in the Art Dump on Sunday.

So yeah, my goal of pushing the Ophidia through is currently slowly sinking beneath the waves of real life. Unfortunately or fortunately depending on your view, I have picked up a new rush job from a client which means I’ll be working most evenings and weekends for the next 2 weeks on things other than Faith & Flintlocks 😦 But then again I might be able to steal a few hours here and there though it’s a wait and see sort of thing. On the up side Simon has been doing some great work on the Tyton as seen below:


Moving swiftly on to our to do list for the coming week:

  • Simon will hopefully be able to start posing the Tyton
  • I am planning to squeeze in some Ophidia work which will mostly be about working towards finishing his head.
  • We’ve also lined up a meeting with our writing friend to go over some of his latest work (can’t wait to read it!).

Not a great hit list for this coming week, hopefully Simon can pick up my slack and carry us next week 😀

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