Weekly Update #162

Hello there, It has been a busy week for us.. though not all development related. Mark has been held up, working late tonight, so I’m filling in on blog posting duties. Although I’ve just returned from a brief holiday with my family – So I haven’t much to contribute directly. We have made some progress. … More Weekly Update #162

Weekly Update #129

Hello and welcome back to another weekly dev blog. First up lets check-off our done list for the week that was: I managed to re-topologize and sharpen up the detail on the Ophidia. Though I am now tempted to try put a few scars on his face. We’ve complete the tweaks to the Fortune deck … More Weekly Update #129

Weekly Update #119

Hello and welcome back again to our weekly update. This week has been a blur for myself though Simon has managed to salvage the week producing some cool work. What we accomplished this week: The Ophidia has had some further work done on his head and muscles though neither is complete. The Fortune cards have … More Weekly Update #119

Weekly Update #113

Welcome back to the weekly dev report. This week has been a bit up and down for myself so I’ve managed to squeeze a few hours in here and there in between funerals and family gatherings 😉 Unfortunately that means the to do list isn’t as impressive as it should be: The Ophidia’s pose is … More Weekly Update #113

Weekly Update #77

With another Thursday coming to a close it’s time for the weekly development blog. The past week has been pretty relaxed as far as work goes. Simon has spent some time (in between work and shifting furniture) doing card tweaks and I’ve been taking it slow since I’ve finished the One Horn sculpt and wanted … More Weekly Update #77

Weekly Update #65

Welcome back one and all to another weekly update. I’ve been slowly getting back into the 3d sculpting groove and trying to find time to fit it into the daily schedule. I find if you don’t do it everyday then you lose focus, get rusty and stuff just slowly grinds to a halt. To help … More Weekly Update #65

Weekly Update #64

Here comes the Weekly Update hot off the press. So what was looking like a quiet week for myself in fact turned out to be slightly busy week at work dealing with engineers, drawings and other such fun 😦 But on the bright side we’ve still managed to make some progress: I have started reworking … More Weekly Update #64

Art Dump #41

Welcome back to the Art Dump 😀 In this week’s post we’ll be diving into some Cinder faction sketches. We’ll run through them in a relatively chronological order going from initial ideas through to latest concepts. Also just to note, none of them are particularly well cleaned up as my old wacom tablet has recently … More Art Dump #41