Art Dump #97

Once again the weekly Art Dump has rolled around and it’s time we show off some of our work! This week we’ve got some Moschops, Two Horn and Ophidia action.

First up is the mighty Moschops who Simon is trying to push through so he can get back to his new favourite the Tyton.

I am loving the skin detail on his neck line and the wraps and suspenders look awesome.


Up next we’ve got the latest update from the Ophidia. Here I’ve added a rope handle to the chest on his left shoulder and started to fix up his face. He’s looking quite chinese dragon-esk.

Ophidia_Concepts_ 56

Finally for this week we’ve got a shot showing how we’re planning to break the Two Horn down. Still some minor issues like under her neck and on her left breast.

Two Horn Concept 85

And with that we come to the end of another Art Dump, hope you enjoyed it.

Until next week đŸ™‚

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