Weekly Update #121

Welcome back to our regular weekly update post!

First up is our achieved list which frankly isn’t going to be great this week as regular work continues it’s assault on our Faith & Flintlocks development time!

  • We didn’t manage any 3d sculpting 😦 But we did have a good discussion over the weekend when we found time to catch up.
    • We went over the new narrative driven scenarios we’re trying to put together.
    • We talked about a new layout for our character cards (as you’ll see below).
    • We discussed our next priorities and what we would be aiming for next.

As you can see it wasn’t a stellar performance for us. Though I did get inspired to doodle up a quick sketch of the character card concept we were talking about. Since we’ve streamlined a lot of our rolling and stats, we figured it might be handy to just bake the starting weapon on to the card and have the health stat be a little rolling wheel (like what king of Tokyo and other games do). It’s an interesting idea and I would like to see us prototype it.

Character Card Concept

On to our ‘to do list’ for the coming week:

  • I would love to get back into sculpting the Ophidia. However I am now flying to Perth next Thursday for work (yay?), which might put a cramp into the dev time.
  • I think Simon would also like to do some 3d though I hear he’s a little swamped too.
  • Minimum goal for us is, I want to clear out my none sculpting work from my Trello (a great organising tool) weekly to do list. This is mostly just tidy up a few rules I’ve still not typed up and digitize a playing mat so we can scribble on it and re-print it.

And that looks like us for the week. Unfortunately it probably won’t be a great week artistically but hopefully we can still move the project forward where we can.

Until next week 🙂

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