Weekly Update #122

Hi all, welcome back to the regular Weekly Dev blog.

Good to be back this week after completely missing the boat last week.

First up let’s have a look at what we achieved over the last two weeks, heads up probably not much 😦

  • I have progressed on and tidied up the movement rules to be more inline with the current rules that forever seem to live in our heads.
  • Our good friend Jono has done some awesome work on a concept for our rule book. It’s bright, colourful and easy to read…or at least it will be easy to read once we fill it with some finalized rules.

As you can see we haven’t had a lot of spare time free over the last few weeks (we’ve both been snowed under at work and I’ve had to fly to Perth for work). The one thing that does keep ticking over but rarely ever gets mentioned is my sketching & doodling. And as you can see I’ve recently been pondering over some poses for the wee Shrubber.

Shrubber Pose Concepts.jpg

Looking ahead to next week,

  • I plan to dive back into the Ophidia sculpt and spend some solid time finishing up his muscles and anatomy.
  • Simon is wanting to finish tidying up the split lines for the Two Horn and start on the Moschops splits, though as I recall he’s still got a decent amount of work ahead of him. Hopefully he will be able to squeeze some time in here or there.

And with that we come to the end of our weekly dev blog. Not a huge list of things to work on this week but hopefully with some (relative) quiet time coming up with work we’ll be able to push hard on this again.

Until next week 🙂

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