Weekly Update #124

Hello and welcome back to another weekly Dev blog.

First up our list of what we achieved this week:

  • The Ophidia didn’t get as much love as I had planned. But at least his right arm now has the correct anatomy and we’ve taken a bash at updating his face.
  • Simon has been tweaking the Two Horn’s splits in prep for 3d printing and casting.
  • He’s also been producing some awesome character renders that he plans to add to a few of our social media sites.
  • Simon has also been working on tweaking some of character blurbs to give them a bit more life.

Not a bad week of work but I’m a bit annoyed that regular work has been sidetracking me again :(, but unfortunately there isn’t much I can do other than soldier on. On the bright side I still get to look at spiffy images of our current models like this one below of the Moschops.


Moving steadily along to our to do list for the coming week we can see that:

  • I really really really want to get more of the Ophidia finished. He feels so close to being done. So my goal is to finish all his muscles and anatomy (all over) this week. If I’m going well I want to either re-topologize his body or add skin wrinkles and scars.
  • Simon is going to hopefully finish tidying up the Two Horn’s splits
  • And possibly we might get some movement on the Tyton’s sculpt or the Moschop’s cuts.

Hope you enjoyed this small catch up, and we’ll catch you again next week 🙂

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