Weekly Update #129

Hello and welcome back to another weekly dev blog.

First up lets check-off our done list for the week that was:

  • I managed to re-topologize and sharpen up the detail on the Ophidia. Though I am now tempted to try put a few scars on his face.
  • We’ve complete the tweaks to the Fortune deck ready for a playtest. It wasn’t a fancy reprint, I just went to town with the stickers and marker pen.
  • As you would have seen on the most recent Art Dump we’ve managed to do a test print of the quick reference cards.

Unfortunately though the one thing that is missing from the list is a play test. Due to Simon feeling under the weather and me being on a relaxing holiday we didn’t manage to get to a playtest. Though I am now wondering how easy it would be to set the game up on Tabletop Simulator so we can play without even having to leave our houses. Anyone have any experience with Tabletop Simulator?

Ophidia_Concepts_ 75.jpg

Looking at the upcoming week we’re planning to:

  • Start adding extra wrinkles and details to the Ophidia. If I’m ahead of the game I’ll need to start back filling his equipment on his back to that there aren’t any gaps that will cause issues during casting / printing.
  • Investigate Tabletop Simulator as a means of more quickly playtesting Faith & Flintlocks.

A nice and straight forward week which will obviously include a ton of little things that I have forgotten to add to the list or that will blind side us mid week.

Until next week 🙂


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