Weekly Update #131

We’re back once again with the Weekly Dev blog.

Apologies for the lack of an Art Dump on the Sunday just been, but unfortunately we didn’t really have any new or interesting shots to share. As for our progress this week, it’s been good so far and we’ve been steadily progressing.

  • The Ophidia has had some more details added and is with Simon for a review, though not all the skin wrinkles were added yet.
  • Simon has been busily importing tokens, cards and models into Tabletop Simulator.
  • As well as that Simon and I managed to have a test play of Tabletop Simulator last night. We tried out the Zombicide DLC to see what sort of stuff we could achieve in the simulator.

After trying out the Zombicide dlc on Tabletop Simulator we are super excited to finish getting the Faith & Flintlock stuff in there. The game doesn’t enact any of the rules, it is simply a physics engine designed to allow you to play a boardgame / tabletop game in it. But once you get the hang of it, playing a virtual boardgame was really quite entertaining and will certainly be a massive boon to us for testing F & F.


Turning our gaze towards the coming week we are planning to:

  • Finish uploading the bare minimum amount of assets to Tabletop Simulator for a playtest
  • Set up a scale table and equipment in Tabletop Simulator
  • Finish all remaining work on the Ophidia’s skin.
  • And potentially have a test of Faith & Flintlocks on Tabletop Sim…if we manage the first two points that is.

Very keen to see this Tabletop Simulator up and running…also very keen to finish the Ophidia sculpt. All going to plan, we should have both ticked off in the near future.

Until next week 🙂

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