Weekly Update #136

Hello all and welcome back to this week’s Dev post.

This week has been ok for progress though not as good as it could have been thanks to a sick daughter 😦 But we did still manage to:

  • Have a successful playtest of Faith & Flintlocks on Tabletop Sim!
  • Finished roughing out the Sarcos sculpt.
  • Add a few more assets to the Tabletop Sim version of the game.

It was so good to finally get a working playtest done on Tabletop Sim! We immediately found some rules we thought had been updated but hadn’t. Found some that weren’t working as intended and that’s without even testing the full game. We were so happy with it we’ve already scheduled in another play test for this coming Friday evening!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So where to next? Well the plan for the coming week is:

  • Complete a full playtest of the Faith and Flintlocks.
  • Start refining our ideas for the campaign play.
  • Lock down what works and doesn’t for the Sarcos sculpt and begin to detail him out.

An easy week coming up which is nice. Judging by progress on the Sarcos so far we might even be able to squeeze him out before Christmas which would be fantastic! But for that we need to keep up the pace.

Hope you enjoyed that and we’ll catch you next week 🙂

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