Weekly Update #156 ish

Hello dear readers,

A break from routine today as I fill in for Mark, who’s family is under the weather.

Life and work is busy busy as always, but we are still chipping away.

I’ve had a little time to work on the Peregryn’s dual pistols. The “Bantam Sidearms”

PeregrynPistols_01Lengthening the barrel and exaggerating the details. Since this is one of our smaller models those details need to be nice and chunky to survive the printing, casting and playing punishment they’ll be put through.

Had a quick play with my procedural shaders to see how the end result might look.

Hopefully I’ll be ready to do a test 3D printing of the Peregryn in the next week or two to see how she’s coming.


Until then,


Happy gaming.



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