Weekly Update #161

Welcome once again to the weekly dev blog.

This week we’ve been chugging along nicely with work on the Shrubber and rules.

As I mentioned last week my intention was to finish the belt and that is now done with some ammo pouches added to the belt…though I’ll have to be careful not to cover them with the leaves (which have now started sprouting all over him).

The rulebook meanwhile has been suffering the wrath of my red pen with many of the pages marked up with changes. It’s both good and bad as the majority of the rules and design haven’t changed but a lot of the wording I’ve found could be more concise and easier to read…also I’ve caught a few obsolete rules still floating around which need to be removed.


Gazing into the future for next week I find that I should have the rulesbook review complete and ready to go through with Simon. Our good friend is going to be starting work on the rulesbook layout…though whether we’d have anything to show for that next week is another thing entirely. As for the Shrubber I will continue to throw some leaves at him and hopefully a few stick!

Take it easy until next week folks 🙂

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