Weekly Update #162

Hello there,

It has been a busy week for us.. though not all development related.

Mark has been held up, working late tonight, so I’m filling in on blog posting duties. Although I’ve just returned from a brief holiday with my family – So I haven’t much to contribute directly.

We have made some progress. Our writer friend has forged ahead with more of our backstory which is coming along nicely.

Mark has been sorting through the rule book, making notes and reviews. We are just about ready to start re-costing the equipment and start up some list building shenanigans with our play tests.

Mark also spent an evening investigating leaves, and shrubberies gathering reference for that lovable rogue the Northern Shrubber.

Which reminds me, I should really finish the Peregryn’s feathers 🙂


Thats where we are up to after another week of Faith and Flintlock development.


Catch us again next week




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