Weekly Update #164

Hi folks,

Back again for another week and it’s been a good one for rule development.

The Shrubber progress has been slow due to limited time on the computer (don’t want to but might have to look at upgrading at some point).

After some discussion with Simon I’ve been back and attacked the rulebook with gusto. All of the tweaks have been to aid in streamlining the game and making it easier to get into the game faster.

Rulebook Markup.jpg
So much red!

Looking at the next steps I’m planning to implement the changes noted down onto the current cards and in the digital copy of the rulebook so that everything is back up to date. I’ve also set a fixed deadline for the Shrubber, which means my free time for the next 2 weeks will be shrinking dramatically.

Gotta keep on push push pushing this along!

Until next week 🙂


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