Weekly Update #168

ck again with the weekly update.

I feel this has been a week of two halves, the first half I struggled to get into gear to start updating the rulebook but then managed to turn it around in the second half with a solid amount of work done updating the rules.

So far I’m on track to have the rulebook updated by the end of the weekend. After that there are a few stats and things to update in the wiki / database and then I will probably be swinging back to finishing off the Shrubber properly with the feedback from the test print.

I had thought about doing a quick paint up of the print but unfortunately I ran out of time (my paints are literally sitting beside my laptop right now begging to be used lol). But I did at least get the prints undercoated as you can see, and it certainly helped bring out some of the detail.

This coming week with the Rulebook out of the way I will be hopefully finishing or at least mostly finishing the Shrubber tweaks. And maybe sticking some paint on the test print. Though what has me excited for some weird reason is the idea of going through the upgrade cards and fixing them as per our latest changes. Maybe I have a thing for upgrade cards?

Until next week 🙂


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