Weekly Update #172

Hello all and welcome back once again.

This week as been a rather middling week for myself, but at least several of our outside helpers have been busy at work for us.

I managed to upload the Shrubber sculpt to our shared online folder. I trimmed a few things to better match the base but otherwise he was fine as was. I’ve started sorting through some of our old equipment cards, trying to find what we can use for the updated decks and it has been a laugh seeing where we’ve come from in terms of our designs.

Simon has opened the Perry model and set himself a list of parts to finish. She’s coming together, albeit rather slowly.

Our friend Matt has been making some cool progress on the Drazz’s character art. Which makes it an easy decision on which character to sculpt next. I also believe I’ve seen an update from our writer friend with some more lore / fluff being written.

Unfortunately we’ve got nothing cool to show this week in terms of a picture, but for the coming week we’ll probably be aiming to start on the Drazz, create 1 new deck and see what else we can fit in (though I’m getting slammed at work currently so hopefully I can still manage to pull my weight!).

Until next week 🙂


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