Weekly Update #181

Hello and welcome back once again to the weekly dev post.

This week has been…not great in terms of production (to put it politely). While I had grand plans for the amount of work I would get done, it all fell over in the face of rush jobs from my real job 😦

On the upside I did at least rough out the Drazz’s pistol based on the concept art….on the down side Zbrush crashed just before I was going to hit save and I lost all of the work on the pistol. But at least the second time should be quicker lol. Here’s an image of what the pistol will look like.

Drazz Pistol.jpg

So after the less than stellar week we’ve had I’m looking forward to being able to reset with the coming week and actually produce some good developments for Faith & Flintlocks. On the hit list is the Drazz’s pistol (again), tightening up on the pose and anything else I can get to.

Until next week, take it easy 🙂



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