Weekly Update #190

Hello and welcome back to another week of dev updates.

This week has been a week of two halves, one half being not quite as productive as the other.

But starting with the positive, we now have two complete faction decks ready for playing. They may not be fully balanced but they certainly seem like they could be quite fun. The Mime deck focuses on speed, movement and getting up close and personal. Where as the Cinder deck specializes in range, area control and fire…lots of fire.


Also on the done list this week was a bit of admin, chasing Simon to chase other people and trying to clean our Trello a bit. Unfortunately on the flip side I didn’t even manage to open Zbrush this week at all 😦 mostly thanks to household chores, and work…lots of work.

Still I would say it’s a net positive for the week, and with the Mime deck done we can look to the next deck. I’m torn whether to start on the Isogoreans or the Hantu…I think the Hantu could be quite interesting to work on as they should have a lot coordinating abilities, cheating death and a bit of area control.

Until next week folks 🙂


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