Weekly Update #191

Thursday evening and I’m back at it again. Welcome back one and all to this week’s dev post.

It’s been a good week with heaps done on the Hantu faction deck but unfortunately very little done on the drazz sculpt…mostly thanks to days like Tuesday where I spent 15 hours at work 😦

But looking at the bright side I did manage to squeeze out ideas for 20 of the 25 Hantu cards. They range from simple healing abilities, chances to cheat death, abilities that trigger when damaged or when within range of friendly models. The faction doesn’t lean towards melee or ranged weapons like the Mimes or Cinder. Instead they focus on synergies between friendly models, controlling the board by forcing their opponents into hard decisions and cheating death or at the very least shuffling the deck in their favour.

Looking at head at next week I’m certain I will have the rest of the Hantu deck completed or at least written down. Currently the Mime and Cinder decks have cards with stickers on them, but the Hantu changes are so far only written down on paper…perhaps I can take the opportunity to transfer them back to the cards. Failing that I will wanting to be putting some time back into the Drazz sculpt, as it has been a rather long time since I opened that file up.

Until next week folks 🙂


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