Weekly Update #193

Ahoy there savvy readers and welcome back once again to the weekly dev blog.

And in a shocking twist I actually managed to get Zbrush open for the first time this year (wow that’s a sad statement on my time management). The main goal was to do some work on the legs and I spent a while playing with different looks, some looked like armour, some like weird piping. But after sifting through various reference images (insect legs are weird), I’ve hashed something together that is starting to look decent. Not sure on the toe part but the spiky leg bits look cool and insect like.

Also on the done list this week is the fact that all the of Hantu cards have been transferred into the excel doc that functions as our gang builder. I’ve also started on the Isogorean cards though I only have about 5/25 done so far.


Unfortunately Simon and I did not get a game in this week but hopefully it’s on the schedule for this coming week.

Along with that I will be progressing the Drazz and maybe even finishing the Isogorean faction cards. Woo progress!

Until next week folks 🙂


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