Weekly Update #194

Welcome back dear readers! It’s time once again for another dance though the week that was.

Drazz progress continues, with the legs refined and the upper thigh now have a bit of love. I’ve also mirrored it across and it’s starting to look pretty nifty. However the foot still bugs me, so if you’ve got any suggestions I’d love to hear them.

Moving on, our good friend James has updated our list builder excel doc to match our current decks. I have started to fill it out but have only got as far as all the Hantu card and around half the Cinder deck. I am stoked to with this little excel doc, it is sooo handy! Thanks James!

Also did I mention we got a game in! Because as you can see below the devious mimes (me) are trying to sneak in a win against Simon’s fiery Cinder. While it started well with me finding a relic early, it turned pear shape towards the end and Simon came away with a well deserved win. As for the mat, well that was just a handy Xwing mat of the correct size 😀

Miniatures in Space!!!!
Always there for leg day

Looking at head to the coming week, I forecast that the excel will be completed and the hard copy cards will also be finish for the Hantu. Hopefully the Isogorean deck will be roughed out and I will keep pushing forward with the Drazz. Next step is probably fixing the skirt to match the legs, playing around with the feet and then looking at the face or cape…will decide on that if and when I get that far lol.

Until then, take it easy folks 🙂




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