Weekly Update #221

Ahoy there dearest readers and welcome back to another weekly dev post!

This week my work has returned to semi-normal conditions, however my children decide that now was a good time to get sick…both at the same time! So my free hours were substantially less than anticipated.

However! We did get our feedback back to Tony for the environment art piece (can’t wait to see the next revision!). I also chased Simon for feedback for Dan’s sculpting of the Elder (sorry Dan!!!!!). And along with that I did manage a super short test run of Faith & Flintlocks with me versus myself. Alas I forgot to take any pictures. Though it was a fun little game. Definitely enjoying the little combos available in the upgrade packs. However I’m now thinking that I need to reduce the amount of Fate and Fortune cards and possible drop the upgrades down to 20 per faction rather than 25…though I’m less certain on that last point. Basically I’m trying to make sure the we have the best cards in rather than more but they’re mediocre. Thoughts?

Looking ahead to next week I am going to be further tidying up the Drazz so that I can move on to one of the other remaining sculpts…I’m tempted to jump on to the Vou though the Pup is seriously cool looking.

Until next week folks, take it easy 🙂


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