Weekly Update #222

Welcome back dear readers to another weekly dev post!

This week you’ll be pleased to learn that I’ve actually managed to get back to sculpt on the Drazz! Not finished but still getting closer none the less. There is now the torso and 2 remaining arms left to finish along with the staff…unless I try use Simon’s one that he sculpted as part of an example for this class (work on Faith & Flintlocks at least kinda).

Also this week we received another draft from Tony on the town. It’s looking amazing and we’re really digging it, now we just need to get back with some follow up feedback. Other than all that we’ve received the final high res image from Matt for the Vou, which means we now have all 12 character art pieces done and dusted (woooooo!). Definitely feels like we’re slowly getting there. Also happening hopefully tonight (after this blog), is getting back to Dan on the Elder sculpt as we’ve been super slack on that one (sorry again Dan).

Looking at the coming week I’ll be hitting the Drazz out bit by bit so that it’s finally done. I’d also like to get another playtest in if I can manage it. To be honest there are other little things I’d love to get to too (mocking up terrain pieces, etc) but I’ve got to prioritize the work we’ve got within the free time I get (which is unfortunately bugger all lol).

Oh well, onward and upwards 😀

Until next week folks take it easy.


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