Weekly Update #229

Ahoy there dear readers and welcome back!

This week has been good. We’ve sent out some further review feedback on work being done. Simon has started to look at the Drazz for review and I’ve tidied up the playtest box…I then got a tad carried away:

Faith & Flintlocks playtest box

But can you blame me when it looks sooo cool. So next week I’ll take some pictures of the inside but it currently has everything inside of it with the exception of the rulesbook as that is printed at an a4 size which is ever so slightly too big for the current box. I’m super excited seeing everything in the box. The design is poached from the latest rulesbook from our friend jono. It has a super sleek look though I’m not sure how well it would sell based on the box…but I’m happy with it currently lol. Hopefully in the next week or two I can get out with the box for some play tests.

As for the plan for the upcoming week, hopefully fix whatever is Simon’s feedback on the Drazz. Finish off the Drazz and cull back some of the cards from the Fate deck which currently has far too many. Chop chop!

Until next week folks, take it easy 🙂


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