Weekly Update #241

Ahoy there dear readers! I hope all of you are well with all of the craziness going on.

Only one day late but better late than never.

So the plan was to run through the tokens but instead I found out I’d missed some key details on the character cards. Whoops!

On the up side Simon and I managed a full playtest! It was cool and we still found things to tweak. We’re getting a much clearer idea of what we want the game to feel like. As such we’ve tweaked all characters to have 3 actions an activation instead of 2. It felt like a much faster game.

So I spent some of the time fixing those cards and then fixing other cards and updating the master list. Fun and games for me.


Looking at next week I’m planning on finishing the Tokens so that we’re ready to get a print going…though whether they’ll still be printing is another question. Oh well deal with that when we get there I suppose.

Stay safe and we’ll see you all next week 🙂


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