Weekly Update #249

Ahoy there all! Hope you’re all safe and well out there during these crazy times.

Now while I had hoped to get a playtest of Faith & Flintlocks in this week, we instead managed to have a game of Aristeia. I even got my first win, so that’s always a bonus. The game also served as a reminder that we need to make sure that our tokens are a decent size as the health tokens in Aristeia are far too tiny.

Aristeia at Simons
An exciting game of Aristeia! 

Also done this week as promised, was the start of posing the Vvou. As you can see below shes starting to shape up and should be a very nice miniature to paint. Next steps will be refining the pose and adding her cape and ribbon.

Starting her pose

Other than that Simon and I debated the fluff of some of the factions, settled on some more solid foundations for the Children of Cinder and resolved our issues with the Cinder logo that Jono is working on. Not a bad week all up. Hopefully next week will prove just as fruitful with further posing and roughing out of the Vvou and maybe even some writing of more fluff for the factions.

Until next week folks, take it easy 🙂


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