Weekly Update #250

Ahoy there all!

Soooo while we had the best of intentions for this week, we ended up taking a few days break up at the in-laws life style block. It was a great break from our recent routines and Simon and I had various discussions about Faith & Flintlocks as well as our future Airships game. We also managed to spend a few evenings playing some of our favourites; X-wing, Aristeia as well as some ticket to ride and Patchwork.

We managed to nail down what was bothering Simon about the Cinder logo and that is now fixed and locked down. We also both liked the idea of printing what we’ve got approved on game crafter as is and getting a set to physically play test with. As for our Airships game we kicked a few ideas around about what we liked and what worked. Basically we’d be aiming for something like a streamlined Firefly the Boardgame (i.e quick, thematic and fun).

As we didn’t really tick off any boxes from last week’s to do list, we’ve still got all that work to get through still. Which means I’ll be furthering the Vvou and Simon will hopefully be getting the supplies to get his 3d printer running again 😀

Until next week folks, take it easy 🙂


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