Weekly Update #263

Ahoy there dear readers and welcome back to another of our weekly dev posts!

So it wasn’t quite the week I was hoping for. But that’s ok, we can’t be winning every week ;p

Instead lets turn our attention to what we did actually manage. For me that was further work on the Vvou. So I’ve adjusted her knees further up, as her thighs were far too long which was only really obvious on the test print. I’ve also smoothed the legs & torso out and sharpened the lines. The arms have been worked on and they’re now looking sharper and meatier. They needed to be thickened as on the test model they were barely there lol. Still need to finish her hands but thought I should finish the gun first and then I can ensure she has a good grip on the gun when I do the hands.

Along with working on the vvou I finished tidying up the edits to the rules and cards after our last play test. I bumped up the points of a few cards and streamlined the rules on some of the other cards as they caused headaches during the playtest. Funny how the rule makes so much sense when you write it down, then you play it and suddenly you’re not so sure.

Looking ahead at the coming week I’m not sure how much I’m going to get done as I’ve had a heap of work come through all at once at my day job so we’ll see what I get done. Hopefully though Simon and Jono can keep pushing and get some cool stuff for next week!

Until next week folks, take it easy đŸ™‚


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