Weekly Update #262

Ahoy dear readers one and all, welcome back to another of our weekly dev posts!

Its been a relatively good week for us so far. First up Jono has been busy working out the final kinks with the new Faith & Flintlocks website. Once that site is up we’ll probably have to do something about this site i.e, tidy it, remove the ads, make it look better etc. But the Grimwolden Games website is less of a priority we think.

Simon and I have also managed a few other boardgame adventures this week which you might have seen on the social medias. But more importantly we finally got in some more play testing and it was a blast. The actions for the models felt good, so did the upgrades and faction themes. Though we have had to make some small adjustments to some rules just to smooth out the experience.

Looking at next week, I’d hope to have another play test but failing that I’d settle for getting the F & F site up and live. Also some more work done to the vvou would be great too. Simon actually did a scale print test of the vvou last weekend and she is a cool looking model though far to spindly in some places. I find the test print is very handy for getting a feeling for how the final model will actually look as getting a sense of that scale from the sculpting program is sometimes a bit hit or miss.

Until next week folks, take it easy 🙂


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