Weekly Update #269

Ahoy there all and welcome to the weekly dev post! Remember last week when I thought my workload would ease up a bit….yeah nah, it seems to have grown even larger. Which is less than fantastic but in the grand scheme of things it’s a good problem to have. So I haven’t even managed to … More Weekly Update #269

Weekly Update #213

AAaaaand we are back! Ahoy there dear readers. Apologies for the lack of a post last week but I was all but dead from work so it just wasn’t going to happen. But this week, well that’s a different story. I’ve done a test print of my cheat sheet, which I quickly found lacking! I’ve … More Weekly Update #213

Weekly Update #167

Rolling back around for another weekly dev update. First up this week I managed to get the Shrubber finished enough for a test print, which Simon then speedily sent through to the printer and below you can see the slightly see through results! He looks quite cool but it did bring some issues the surface. … More Weekly Update #167

Weekly Update #94

It’s late Thursday night and I’ve finally remembered I need to put together this blog! Let’s have a quick look back at what we managed this week: The notes from our play test have been stored and filed. The Two Horn has had further updates and is painstakingly close to being done. Simon has had … More Weekly Update #94

Weekly Update #91

Wait it’s already Friday? Feels like this week has just slipped past before I’ve even realized. Unfortunately our work progress isn’t much to shout about this week. In between sick children, road trips and pressing work responsibilities, Faith and Flintlocks related work has taken a bit of a hit. But we did still make some … More Weekly Update #91

Weekly Update #72

It’s back and only 1 day late at that! Welcome back to the weekly update here at Grimwolden Games. This week has been really good for us and though we haven’t done an outstanding amount of work, we have managed a catch up and organised our next goals. So what exactly have we done? The … More Weekly Update #72