Dev Update #286

A day or two later than planned but welcome back nonetheless ๐Ÿ˜€

Looking at our notes for the last two weeks and I can see we’ve had some more good progress. First up we’ve reviewed Mark B’s two newsletters ready for publishing. However we’ll be holding off on publishing those till we get our email signup all sorted on the Faith and Flintlocks site, which is one of the things on the list for the coming week (though we’re not super tech-savy so we’ll see how that goes).

We’ve also had a few more quotes come in and one I was really looking forward to from LongPack games. Its a good price and we’ll have to compare it to the others. The interesting thing about LongPack is that the miniatures would be plastic injection molded, which means a higher up front tooling cost but a greatly reduced cost of actual miniatures. It’s a question we’ll have to weigh up as we look towards the kickstarter and our price point.

As you might have noticed we’ve also updated the banners on this our Grimwolden Games site. Great job on those banners Jono they look awesome.

Along with that Simon and I have been discussing art assets for all the faction equipment cards. It’s an interesting question and while I’d love to have individual art for each card, that is a lot of artwork to get commissioned. So we’ll have to see how we go on that one. It’s certainly an advantage that existing IP has, because they can just re-use existing art assets from other productions. Oh well, just another challenge for us :p

Until next week folks, take it easy ๐Ÿ™‚

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