Dev Update #287

Ahoy all! We’re back once more with our latest dev update. I missed a post last month so we’ve gone a litter longer than usual without an update but fear not, that just means we’ve got even more to talk about with this post šŸ˜€

First up we’ve setup our mailing subscription on the Faith and Flintlocks site. Be sure to hit that site up and sign up to stay in the loop for when we go live on kickstarter. We’ll also be posting regular newsletters on there delving into the game mechanics and lore.

Next up for me the Vvou sculpt has seen some further developments. We’ve now ticked off the head, torso and almost done smoothing out her cape. Gotta make sure that her cape looks awesome because capes really help elevate miniatures, often it’s the illusion of movement that capes give which makes everything look cooler.

Sticking with the miniatures, I’ve been able to get a friend to run some test prints with some of our models. In this case it was the Sarcos and Ophidia. And while we accidently printed a slightly old revision of the Sarcos, they still look dang cool. I’ve even primed the Ophidia for some paint, can’t wait! Check them out below.

Moving on to cards and rules, Simon and I have continued to polish the Cinder faction. Having dived into them and their fire theme, we’ve also had to tweak the fire rules…pro tip don’t stand next to people or things on fire šŸ˜‰ They are sounding really fun to play with plenty of fire and fire related abilities.

We’ve also updated and tweaked our rules document to make sure that its all still up to date…which it was…mostly. One of our faults I find is that we’ll make notes and changes and then remember them but not always update the documents. So when we go back to them we’ll be like ‘didn’t we change this’ or ‘this doesn’t sound right’. Next pro tip, always update your docs as soon as you agree on the changes.

Other than those we’ve also done some reviewing of Mark B’s stories as well as starting to review Luke’s short story. I am definitely enjoying the fluff and lore we’ve got going so far. Can’t wait to share some more of that on our Faith and Flintlocks site.

And with that we’ve come to the end of a bumper update post.

Until next week folks, take it easy šŸ™‚


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