Too young to know your limits but old enough to cause some chaos.
An adolescent Shelonian is head strong, reckless, and a danger to himself and others… mostly others. Too young to enlist as soldiers in the armies of the empire, their desire for fame and glory will get them into trouble, and many adventures before they become too encumbered by the weight of their ever growing, carapace armour.

Weekly Update #262

Ahoy dear readers one and all, welcome back to another of our weekly dev posts! Its been a relatively good week for us so far. First up Jono has been busy working out the final kinks with the new Faith & Flintlocks website. Once that site is up we’ll probably have to do something about … More Weekly Update #262

Weekly Update #259

Ahoy there dearest readers! Welcome back to another weekly dev post. Hope you’ve been productive in your hobbying and gaming 😀 Simon and I on the other hand have been up in Mangawhai building fixed awnings during the end of last week, and as such have been a bit tied up. Though I did manage … More Weekly Update #259

Weekly Update #209

Ahoy there dear readers! Glad to see you back here, as we’ve got a super cool piece of art to show off this week! Aside from the cool art piece from the as always awesome Matt, it’s been another slow week. Though I did manage to open up ZBrush and get a tiny bit done … More Weekly Update #209

Weekly Update #207

Ahoy dear readers! Welcome back to another dev post. I’d love to tell you how well we’ve done this week but personally we’ve been beset by more family being sick and severe workloads. On the upside, those we’ve somehow hoodwinked into working with us are powering on through. Dan continues to push through the Elder … More Weekly Update #207

Art Dump #39

Welcome back to our regular Art Dump. This week we’ve got some weapon concepts for the Drazz and the Pup, along with a random Shrubber drawing (because who doesn’t love the little Shrubber?) First up is the continuation of our search for the Drazz’s weapon. Some new designs down the bottom there. I’m quite liking … More Art Dump #39


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