Weekly Update #84

We’re back once again with the Weekly Update. Overall its been a good week with progress across the board. What progress you ask? We’ve sent the One Horn off to Zealot Miniatures to be printed and cast. Can’t wait to see the end results! The Two Horn has had progress and I’m now trying posing … More Weekly Update #84

Weekly Update #81

We’re back for another Thursday update. So it was a good week of getting things done but not quite a ‘stick to the plan’ sort of week. What do I mean? Well you see: We decided on which company to go with to get our One Horn test printed and cast. Which then meant we … More Weekly Update #81

Weekly Update

Another round of the weekly update hits the web. Was meant to post this up last night but my 5 week old daughter had other ideas as to what I should be doing with my time. But never fear as it has made it up at last. So what have we managed in the last … More Weekly Update

The Art Dump

Welcome to the Sunday Art Dump for the 13th of December. This week we’ve got an updated work in progress shot of the One Horn sculpt, some weapon concepts and some images of our 3d printed terrain trials. So on with the show. First up the work in progress shot. As you can see, he’s … More The Art Dump

The Art Dump

Welcome to another Art Dump where we show off some of our latest doodles, sketches or sculpts. First up this week is the One Horn concept spread I forgot to show last week. After some discussion I took our leading contender and tried different gear arrangements. Some are perhaps a tad over equipped but  I … More The Art Dump