Weekly Update

Another round of the weekly update hits the web. Was meant to post this up last night but my 5 week old daughter had other ideas as to what I should be doing with my time. But never fear as it has made it up at last.

So what have we managed in the last working week before Christmas? While probably not as much as we should have, at least we got some more sweet 3D printed terrain out of it. Listing it out, we:

  • Progressed the One Horn’s equipment sculpting but it remains unfinished at this time. I would like to have it completely roughed in by Christmas but it could be tight given how much is always on in the lead up to the big day.
  • The One Horn’s hands have been unbent and fixed up though still need refinement.
  • Simon has printed off more awesome 3D printed terrain in a range of sizes:


So as you can see, not a complete success but not a failure of a week either. Now over the Christmas & New Year holidays its going to be interesting and I can’t promise what we’re going to get done (New Zealand pretty much shuts down over that period), but I’ll put down what we’re planning and see how we go. So in saying that, next week we’re aiming at:

  • Finishing the roughing sculpt of the One Horn’s equipment
  • Finish tweaking the Pre-made gangs with new or altered equipment
  • Review the Website design guide
  • Review the Branding guide
  • Review and decide on a course for several pieces of Character Art we need done.
  • Stretch goals: reference cards reviewed, extra fluff written.

Here’s hoping we can manage that and more 🙂

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