The Art Dump

Welcome to the Sunday Art Dump for the 13th of December. This week we’ve got an updated work in progress shot of the One Horn sculpt, some weapon concepts and some images of our 3d printed terrain trials. So on with the show.

First up the work in progress shot.One Horn Concept 51_Equip WIP_02

As you can see, he’s still lacking much of his detail but the underlying shapes are starting to be roughed out. I find even with just this level of detail he looks much more real, like some one that could actually exist (not the real world of course but in Grimwolden).

Up next are two images of rough weapon concepts. Now while the top two are interesting I find that they aren’t very realistic or at the very lest workable (the triggers are just sort of tacked on). While the lower one actually shows the flintlock mechanism and whilst not completely realistic at least shows some understanding of how the weapon would work (the beauty of reference and studying!).Musket_03Musket_04_coloured

Finally for this week we’ve got some pics of our 3d printed terrain trial. This was done on a low end printer but it still came out quite well. Simon has really managed to tweak the printer to get some awesome results.IMG_1720IMG_1721

Oh and here’s a shot with a One Horn and Tyton for scale reference. Not too shabby aye.IMG_1722

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