Weekly Update #81

We’re back for another Thursday update. So it was a good week of getting things done but not quite a ‘stick to the plan’ sort of week. What do I mean? Well you see:

  • We decided on which company to go with to get our One Horn test printed and cast. Which then meant we had to switch back to the One Horn and figure out how to cut him up in to printable / cast-able chunks. So thanks to our friends at Zealot Miniatures we came up with a plan and down below you can see how that is progressing.
  • Unfortunately no real progress on the Two Horn 😦
  • However we did go and restructure all of our folders and data into a new streamlined design. We also incorporated future expansions and other game ideas leaving slots for that stuff to get put into.

As you can see below we’ve split of the poor chaps arms and his equipment on his back. We’re also looking at splitting off his satchel or manbag as it’s now started to be called, so that there is less undercut which in proper production will help extend mould life.

One Horn Cut Up.jpg

So for the coming week we’re planning to:

  • Finish the One Horn for production and get him sent out to start the final leg of the process.
  • Continue to push the Two Horn and start adding basic details over the top.
  • And the Moschops will be getting a bit more development

Hopefully it won’t take too much more effort to finish off the One Horn as I can’t wait to get the miniature into my hands, exciting times! As for the Two Horn I really need to push her along so that I can meet my deadlines of getting her done and dusted before the end of the year.

Until next week folks 🙂

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