Art Dump #106

Welcome back to this week’s Art Dump. First up we have a finalized view to the model splits for the Two Horn. Likes like an easy model to put together and hopefully the joints are well hidden. As there is nothing worse than mold lines or joints in awkward spots. The next image is Simon’s … More Art Dump #106

The Art Dump

Welcome to the Sunday Art Dump for the 13th of December. This week we’ve got an updated work in progress shot of the One Horn sculpt, some weapon concepts and some images of our 3d printed terrain trials. So on with the show. First up the work in progress shot. As you can see, he’s … More The Art Dump

Art Dump

Another Sunday Art Dump ready to roll out for the 29th of November. This week we’ve got a menagerie of different things and first up is once again One Horn related. Here I’ve shown two different iterations of the One Horn’s head. I obviously need to do a few more different ones to get a … More Art Dump

The Art Dump

Welcome to another Art Dump where we show off some of our latest doodles, sketches or sculpts. First up this week is the One Horn concept spread I forgot to show last week. After some discussion I took our leading contender and tried different gear arrangements. Some are perhaps a tad over equipped but  I … More The Art Dump

Sunday Art Dump

Welcome back to the Art Dump for Sunday the 15th. This week is a bit of a menagerie of different art, I have some random doodles of some possible creatures / characters in Grimwolden, a concept of a piece of tabletop terrain and a weapon concept or two. So without further ado: Up first we … More Sunday Art Dump